Our summer is still in full swing in this first week of October and we are taking advantage of it as much as possible before the rains start this weekend. In Ontario we are used to crisp cool days, hopefully with sun, to show off the autumn colors. Here the colors are much more muted so we are enjoying summer weather and all that this area has to offer.

We really enjoyed camping last weekend. Even with the fog, which made it moody and ever-changing, we had some great summer weather and we were thrilled to be camping and paddling in summer-ish weather at this time of October. We got to experience more of what this area has to offer; we loved the cliffs, the islands, the wildlife, stars at night and being together.

We did more bike rides of course. Sometimes we go on now well-known routes; sometimes we try something different. There is always something to enjoy.

Today we returned to Mt. Tzouhalem. It was a blue sky day, mid 20’s and pretty clear so it was perfect to climb the mountain and enjoy the views.

We were quite proud that we could direct vacationers from Edmonton which route to take. We also become a tourism office for them and suggested cool places to see and things to do. It was a good feeling to be able to confidently make these suggestions. One may almost think we are locals! I think that will still take some time but we are making progress!

The views from the top never disappoint! We looked down at Cow Bay, where we have paddled, biked beside and walked along. It’s fun to see the same area from so many different points of view. It seems that no matter what type of activity we do we often see water and mountains in the same view. Pretty spectacular place to be!

So we are not sure how many more days of blue sky, sunshine and warmth we will have, but we savour every minute and store the memories for the grey winter months ahead.

3 thoughts on “Oct-ummer

  1. Great shots. I see some steep pitches there. As we approach Thanksgiving, my memories return to the good times on Hilly Hikes in NH with the gang.


  2. Looks harder than it is – we came up the other side on well used trails and there are lots of mtn bike trails as well. It’s only a couple hundred metres up, but the views are stunning on this ‘cliffside’. We also see that cliffside from the water in Cow Bay or along the roads in the valley. Pretty special place. It’s one of those great ‘bang for your buck’ hikes.


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