Valdes Vistas

The fog hung around for a while longer and the sun was valiantly trying to burn it off. We could feel the warmth and see blue sky and then gradually the world started to re-emerge.

So we got in the boats and headed to Valdes. It was a short almost 2km crossing on smooth waters and the sky was clear although there were some fog banks hanging close to the water in other areas. The cliffs are very visible from a distance but they are way more interesting up close.

Compared to the Gabriola cliffs, these are higher. They soar above the water making us feel quite small in our boat! Many of the erosion patterns were there but in many cases they were visible all the way up the cliff. It was pretty impressive.

We crossed back and saw a big fog bank towards Thetis. With some smoke in the air and residual fog, it almost felt like a different world. Colors are muted, it seems quieter and generally more peaceful. It was quite a different feeling.

Wa circumnavigated a couple small islands on the way back. Ruxton Island is the suburbia of the Gulf Islands. A lot of houses/cottages! We spent the rest of the afternoon back on DeCourcy sitting on our cliff enjoying the sunshine, realizing that we could never be ‘lizarding’ in the sunshine in October in Ontario!

It is wine o’clock so signing off for dinner and hopefully lovely evening colors.

One thought on “Valdes Vistas

  1. While watching the short video, everything is so quiet and then I heard an airplane lol. More Beautiful pictures and memories!


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