Still Smokin’

The past 5 days have been quite different for us. We have been inside avoiding the smoke that has enveloped us. We miss the bikes and kayaks but we value our health!

Watching and wondering when the smoke will dissipate has been a total guessing game. Last Saturday we were completely socked in. We could not see past the trees by the edge of our deck. The peninsula and islands that we enjoy looking at from our deck disappeared. Looking down to the highway we could see it was clearer at ground level so driving was not a problem but the monotone grey all around us such a dramatic contrast to the brilliant blue skies and water we have enjoyed all summer.

Saturday. Look hard and the peninsula is barely visible.
Sunday. The world is hidden in grey.

But we had to embrace life here. So we practiced for the winter. We still BBQ’d in the rain and fog/smoke


Progress has been made. Today is marginally better but it has a way to go. We can see the water and the peninsula but no islands yet.


Tomorrow we are driving up north for some camping and paddling on Johnstone Strait. The forecast for that area does not carry the air quality warning we have here so we hope the air is clearer. We look forward to what is likely our last camping of the year but definitely not the last paddle!

2 thoughts on “Still Smokin’

  1. I’ve been thinking about you two…figuring you’ve been ‘grounded’. Sounds like you have a solid plan for the next few days. And hopefully things will clear up soon at home! Looking forward to your photos!


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