Sunrise Sunset

Living outside as much as we do, enjoying our deck with great views, we really notice how the daily position of the sun changes with the season. As we progress through September, in the closing days of summer, we are really aware of the shortening days. Yes we would love this summer of seemingly eternal sunshine and blue skies to never end but the changes are welcome as we learn more about our new home. We are lucky enough to still be enjoying very warm weather and we will take advantage of it as much as possible and store the memories for the grey winter days ahead.

So sunrise is now at a time we can enjoy it because it is after 6am and I can enjoy my breakfast by the window. and watch the show, before starting work at 7am.

Foggy mornings
Smoky mornings. Fires in Washington and Sooke (near Victoria) created smoke that we could see and smell. The sun was a bright red ball

Mornings outside are often cool but Bill is determined to enjoy the outdoors for all meals

Evenings on the deck are shorter before the darkness falls but still wonderful. The sun has changed position further west so it sinks behind the mountain earlier than it did in previous months where we would see it sink over the town behind the trees. So it is different but we are still treated fantastic colors almost every night.

Often it starts with pastels that beautifully outline the mountains we can see on the mainland.

Then it progresses through more intense colors, continually changing until it is gone. The show will often last close to an hour.

Clouds often add interest
Intense color is so dramatic

As the color fades to darkness the fire table makes it cozy to stay on the deck and watch the stars come out. We can find well known constellations and enjoy the peace.

I like keeping my toes and legs warm.

So our days are book-ended by color. We know the winter months will not treat is as well but we will enjoy it while we have it.

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