Giving Back

Bill and I have so enjoyed riding our new e-bikes since we landed on the Island. They have given us the freedom to explore new places and different types of biking. We have derived extraordinary enjoyment and fulfillment from seeing and appreciating so many new experiences and challenges.

We are fortunate that we can afford these great bikes and we use them purely for recreation and enjoyment. But there are many others in the world that are not that lucky. There is an organization, called World Bicycle Relief, to which we have donated before, that provides high quality, sturdy bikes to deserving individuals around the world. They are provided, free of charge, and provide life-changing benefits. Young girls, who used to spend hours walking to and from school save enormous amounts of time and can then focus on gaining an education which sets them up for success. Women can establish networks or start new businesses. The list goes on and on. Visit their website to read more. It’s this kind of organization that Bill and I fully support. It provides the means for people to grow and flourish life. We think it’s great.

So in support of this organization, and in this era of virtual events, we are proud to participate in their global virtual group ride event on September 12 called “Pedal to Empower“. We have not yet decided what that ride will be. It will be either a long one, a challenging one or maybe a favourite one, but we will ride to support this very worthy cause.

We welcome donations of any size to support our ride. $200 provides a new bike to a deserving individual. Our goal is to raise funds for at least 5 new bikes. If you would like to donate, please visit my personal fund raising page here and we thank you, in advance.

If this cause resonates with you and know of others who may enjoy to learn about it, please share this link: We really do believe in the empowerment this organization provides.

Stay tuned for updates on where we plan to ride and the ride itself!

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