It has been a while since we biked the dirt trails on the mountain. With clear blue skies and a temperature of 21°C, today was a perfect day to do it. There are so many logging roads back in the woods, along with some tougher mountain biking trails that we can always find something new. We stick to the wider double track trails or logging roads. They give us enough of a challenge with potholes, loose gravel, rocks and steep slopes. The trails that go straight up the mountainside we will leave for others crazier than us.

We climbed and climbed and climbed (thank-you e-bikes!) and just when we decided to turn around we found a side road that seemed to ‘flatten’ out so we went down it to see if there were any views. And did we find views.

The first stop was pretty nice. Mountains around us, the water peeking through the trees etc. We thought “nice reward” for our work.

Then we went just a wee bit further and slightly more uphill and we were astounded at what we saw. We were high enough to see the water with the big ships at anchor and when we looked closely, we actually saw Vancouver in the distance. We were high enough, and the air was clear enough to give us this treat. We felt pretty lucky to be able to bike on trails through the forest, come out in a clearing and see for miles and miles around us, all within 6km of leaving our house. Going back was a little faster since we were going downhill. What a great afternoon!

Trust me – that IS Vancouver/Richmond. 55km away as the crow flies.

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