Very En”deer”ing

Even though we are close to the highway, being able to see and hear it from our deck, we still feel very close to nature when we are at home. We have learned to ‘ignore’ the highway noise (except when those obnoxious loud motorbikes go past) and really appreciate our surroundings.

The landscaping is beautiful, with so many shades of trees and bushes all kept trimmed beautifully (by someone else, which still gives us a thrill).

We have wild flowers on the steep slope beside our house.

And of course the evening skies always give us a present, either in a spectacular sunset, a pastel sunset of many shades, or just some very interesting lighting and cloud formations over a water view that never disappoints.

We often see eagles soar on the thermals above our house, hummingbirds flit and fly all over the place and a myriad of other birds enjoy the trees around us.

Well today we had some new visitors. We have seen deer around but these two were very curious and stared at me in my office through the window. And they stayed for a while. It was fun to see them and that they were pretty comfortable around here.

So nature is all around us, even at our house and we quite enjoy it. There is always something to appreciate and be thankful that we are here.

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