BC Day

Today is a holiday in BC (and most of Canada); here it’s called BC Day. We celebrated with a lovely bike ride and picnic lunch on a beach at Blue Heron Park. That bike ride is becoming one of our favourites. The Yellow Point road around the peninsula just south of Nanaimo is so enjoyable to visit. It’s a mix of farm fields, forest, small inns, ocean views and hills (of course). It’s a really nice place to ride.

I will not take credit for this collage, but it sums up our new home province very accurately, and we can say that we have already seen and/or experienced most of these special features.

So Happy BC Day to BC readers and Happy Civic Monday to Ontario readers. To my readers in the US, I’m sorry – I guess you are out of luck except for one special person embarking on a 5-day hike in the mountains of Oregon. Bryan – enjoy the mountains and stay safe!

One thought on “BC Day

  1. Oh yes, Happy Civic Monday! In 2018 we were in CA, as you know. Nobody told us about that special weekend and day, so we found out shops were closed, very, very much traffic for that weekend and monday. Terrible for us, tourists. What’s going on? Where can we find a place on the campingsite? Chaos, we rembembered! Ha, ha. I’m glad you enjoyed your first BC Day!

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