A Fine Day

The original plan was to go back to Maple Bay and cross the bay to investigate and have a picnic in Burgoyne Bay, which is actually off Saltspring Island. But some people, who shall remain nameless, (Bill) decided they did not want to wear their spray skirt and when we got out in the main bay, where the wind picked up quite a bit, we decided to turn around and investigate more sheltered waters.

But I got ahead of myself. The fun thing about this day is that we got to do it with Derek on his SUP. The 3 of us struck out across the bay in a lovely soft wind. It was fun having him for company for part of the way.

It’s not very often that we get a picture of the two of us. This is a great picture. Thanks Derek!
Derek turned around here

So we continued out a bit, but with the incoming current and stiffening wind, we made very slow progress and we were not sure if it would get stronger and to avoid Bill from getting swamped we turned around and investigated Bird’s Eye cove and the marina along the coast.

We found some very lovely houseboats, and then thanks to technology, I had a chat with my good friends Matt & Jason, via WhatsApp, from the boat. I could share the scenery we were enjoying (and made him a bit jealous!) and we look forward to the day when Covid-19 is in a more manageable state and the border with USA opens again so they can visit and we can share with them what we are so enjoying.

We didn’t picnic in Burgoyne Bay but on shore at the put-in and it was a damn fine picnic spot anyway! Knowing and respecting physical limits are important and things always works out for the best.

A very fine day indeed.

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