Ladysmith “Pulpit”

We decided on cross training today with a hike. The real reason is that I mildly sprained a finger in my left hand so grasping brakes on a bike or gripping a paddle were not in the cards. But what a picture perfect day.

The summer has kicked into higher gear with temps in the mid to high 20’s but without the humidity we were used to in Ottawa it is very pleasant. And there is almost always a breeze on our deck.

So we decided on a 2-lake loop to see Heart and Stocking Lakes. It was a great hike and the cool thing about this hike is that we could do it by walking from our house. The walk to the start was the same as we bikes yesterday but walking allowed us to admire the houses, potential new houses (a lot of lots for sale) and gardens as we walked.

The climb to Heart Lake got our hearts pumping but it was one of those “good bang for your buck” climbs. Not too long and great views from a viewpoint close to the lake. It reminded us of the Pulpit on Wolf Trail that many Ottawans know! We could look out over the Gulf Islands and into Georgia Strait. It was a great view.

We sat by the lake for a bit and watched a dog that could have been Koda’s sibling play in the water. It was a lovely mountain lake. Not big but surrounded by trees and a great snack spot. As we walked around it we appreciated the beauty.

Then we started the trek through the forest. As with any hike in BC so far we were in awe of the huge, pencil-straight trees that reach for the sky. It was such a pleasant and quiet walk, listening to the birds and just enjoying the tranquility.

Once we got to Stocking Lake we started down the trail that we aborted yesterday on our bikes. There were sections that were rideable ( by our standards) and others that were just too steep with loose gravel or stones. It was a lovely walk down but I am not sure we will ever master it in our bikes. We enjoyed the walk and views along the way. Sometimes it was forest , sometimes it was a cleared slope that may at some day hold houses but we just enjoyed the walk.

So all in all, a pretty perfect day on the Island. Great weather, company, views, experiences. To be able to enjoy all this by walking from our front door is pretty special.

I won’t lie. We are not in same shape as we were in our backpacking days. It was almost 13 km and 400m+ of elevation gain and we were tired but it was worth it!

We recuperated by relaxing in the deck enjoying the view of blue water (so blue in the clear sunshine), various boats and watercraft and even an eagle soaring overhead. All pretty special.

One thought on “Ladysmith “Pulpit”

  1. As always, spectacular views. We are certainly missing our paddling buddies, but glad that you are enjoying your new digs.


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