More Bike Fun

With our car, we now have the ability to go different places to start bike rides. So we are exploring more of the Trans Canada Trail because we do love the trail riding. It’s off road, usually an easy grade and so far we have never been disappointed with the scenery!

So couple days ago we had a great ride, with Nicky and Derek. We drove to Duncan and then to the trailhead and then biked up to Cowichan Lake; a 28km ride one way. We did some exploring off the trail closer to the Cowichan river where we found some trestle bridges,undefined

a fish ladder, some rapids. All lots of fun to explore. It was an easy uphill there but coming back I thought we were flying; just an easy downhill grade that took almost no effort. That means you can enjoy what is around you. What a great way to ride, and a great way to spend time with loved ones.undefinedundefined

Today we went the other way; towards Nanaimo. We had read about an amazing suspension bridge over the Hazlam River. We found we could bike on the hiking trail to there. It was an adventure. Even though it was a wide trail from where we started, towards the trailhead, the trail was pretty rocky, with lots pothole and puddles and a constant uphill. With the e-bikes, you don’t realize how much uphill it is until you come back. Again, we flew down and were back to the car in no time.

We actually biked the hiking trail to the bridge. It was quiet, on the needle-covered dirt, but choose our path carefully as we rode over roots and rocks. It was only 1.5 km but it was a lot of fun.

The bridge and canyon were beautiful. Well below the bridge was a river, that would be quite spectacular in the spring. We spent some time exploring, enjoying the scenery being thankful that we could enjoy such a fun day out on the bikes.

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