On the Water!

My work extended a bit longer than expected today, the weather was cloudy, but we still did it. We had our maiden voyage in our kayaks and it was great.

A short drive of <10 minutes brought us to Transfer Beach. There is always lots of activity here: kids playing in the sand, kayak rentals, water pad playground, groups of picnickers. It’s fun to see. Upon launching we could immediately smell the salt air, and we explored the inlet we look at every day from our house. Bill got up close and personal with one of the BIG ships that have been sitting there for close to 3 weeks now. We assume they are waiting until they can load up in Vancouver and wonder how long they will be here. We passed some really nice houses along the shoreline on the far side and then crossed over to get closer to the shoreline on the Ladysmith side. We enjoyed seeing how the town spreads across the moutain-side, and higher up we can see areas of clear cutting for logging. And we could even see our house up on the hill.

It was great to be on the water again and we look forward to many more trips in different areas that we can explore. Routine of putting our gear away has to change a bit since we will need to rinse gear and boats so we will get efficient at that soon I’m sure.

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