Happy Dance

We were thrilled this morning when Bill received the phone call that our car was on the island and would be at our house in an hour. I did a happy dance! We could finally return the car to Nicky and Derek, after they very graciously let us borrow one of their vehicles for a month ++ period. While we enjoyed driving the Beamer sports car, it is time for us to have our own and drive a more practical car that can take loads to the recycle centre, pick up large items and more importantly transport our boats! So it was about time!undefined

We made the trip to Duncan to do some errands and after a lovely dinner on Nicky’s lawn overlooking the lake, we brought our babies boats home and they are settling in quite well! We are ready for the next phase of our exploring – getting on the water. This is great timing because my bike tire is flat again, so my bike is out of commission until I can get it looked at. All is right with the world.

We will need to get the car licensed in BC. In some ways, that will be a sad day. We have had these plates since 1999 when we bought our first mini-van with some of my inheritance money from my Mom (OMA = Grandma in Dutch. Eric was just 3 and Kirk 6 months old when she died). We will have to retire them in order to be true citizens of British Columbia. But that is all part of this next phase of our lives here on the Island.

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