Even though we have had many beautiful sunny days, which we have enjoyed hiking or biking with evenings on the deck, the last little while we have seen our fair share of cloudy and cool (<20°C) days. Today was no exception with rain most of the day.

This is the view from our living room today and we have nothing to complain about. We were at a dinner last night with long-time friends of Nicky and Derek that I also knew in Ottawa in my high school days (so that was a LOOONNG time ago). One asked me ‘what do you like best about moving to Ladysmith’. It was a great question because it made us think of all the great things we have experienced so far. Of course we love the house but WHY do we love it here? We figured out that we have a much deeper connection with the outdoors. The deck of course allows us to do that, but we also see and appreciate so much when we are on our bikes or walking or even just driving on the highway. The small-town way of life here seems to be suiting us; more relaxed and people-oriented. I really do think it would be a challenge for us to be back in the big city.

So even if it’s a rainy day today, it’s still a great day to be here. We can appreciate the scenery from inside as just as well as outside even if it’s not sunny. And today we figured out how to get our in-ceiling speakers working, so music now also fills our home and we feel very fortunate to be here.

We do hope that July brings more summer-like weather. We have heard tell of very warm and dry summers. We are still waiting . . . . .

One thought on “June-uary

  1. Beautiful nature, so to see of your house.


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