Bikes, Boats, Toys

I did an honest morning’s work yesterday and since the weather was so lovely with 22°C sunny weather we had to take advantage of it.

So Nicky and Derek brought their bikes to Ladysmith in style and we did a 50 km ride to their favourite pub Crow & Gate that is an authentic English pub with gardens that will only get nicer and more colourful through the summer.

We rode quiet roads on a peninsula near Nanaimo, and even though warned, this is the ‘hilly’ way, we were not concerned, and our bikes were a pleasure to ride. We would have had a totally different experience on our old bikes. We passed under towering trees, up and down many hills, past a multitude of farms, and some ocean views. So awesome! We also found another great park to launch our babies boats from when we get them.

It was an interesting mix of bike riders. Derek was on his featherweight carbon road bike. He smoked us on the downhills and flats (superior machinery and skill!) but we could smoke him on the uphills with our battery assistance. I do know that I would not have been able to keep him in sight without the ebike!

As we were enjoying lunch we heard that our babies boats were on the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo. We had to redirect the driver to Nicky’s house because the truck was too big to get up the hill to our house and I could not justify making ANYONE carry the boats uphill.

So they are safely tucked in Nicky’s garage until we get our car in a week or so and we can pick them up. Then we will start exploring the waters in addition to the roads and trails around Ladysmith.

Lots of toys in their garage!

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