Living on the Island is quite different and we are learning how different each day. So Bill and I have a new acronym that stands for:

Welcome To The Island.

It applies to any situation that we find unique to being here. Sometimes it applies to things we miss and sometimes it applies to things that we love and could not get in Ottawa.

Examples of things we miss:

“What do you mean, you can’t get propane tanks filled at Costco?”

“Oh we can’t get cheap gas at Costco”

“Darn it, there are no Five Guys burgers here”

“What do you mean, I can’t drop in at an IKEA store and I have to pay $79 for delivery to pick up in Nanaimo or Victoria” (only when IKEA is working properly which is not at this time)

“Now I have to find a new gym (whenever gyms open again) since GoodLife has NO locations on the island”

Of course, these are all first world problems and really not problems at all, it’s just part of the adjustment.

Examples of things that we can’t get in Ottawa. Well, I’ve already written about many of them but truly, the scenery, the kind people, family, small towns, towering trees, flowers, water, islands, cloud patterns, mountains. Need I say more, those are the true meaning of WTTI.

This is a classic WTTI. We woke up to pea soup today and pouring rain. It’s apparently part of Juneuary but it lifted soon and we could see our favourite islands and boat traffic fairly quickly. We expect more mornings like this during the winter. Moody and beautiful in a different way!

One thought on “W T T I

  1. But on the flipside, you probably won’t need as much cheap gas since biking is such an enjoyable alternative which can carry on into the moody and beautiful winter. Much better than -30º 🙂


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