Friends from Afar

I guess I can thank Covid-19 that I can still participate in my Ottawa-based bookclub! Tonight was the last one of the season and I’m ever grateful that I can still participate by Zoom. We’ve met for the last 3 months by Zoom and although not quite as nice as seeing everyone in person, the discussion and camaraderie is just as lively.

Thank-you to all the bookies in the Hayes Bookclub for continuing to include me. I promise I’ll read books over the summer and hopefully we can meet again, remotely in the fall.

Note: the wineglass in this picture was from a previous month. With a 7:30 pm EDT start time, it was not quite ‘wine o’clock’ here on the west coast. That may change by September!

Enjoy the summer; stay healthy and safe!

One thought on “Friends from Afar

  1. That is certainly one of the benefits of not being allowed to get together in groups – we get to keep you as part of Book Club even though you’ve moved. 🙂


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