LOVE our e-bikes

We needed a break from the debris field of boxes so we got on our bikes and explored. We thought we would do a meander around Ladysmith and surroundings which of course always includes hills. We were admiring the nice houses on hillsides and then happened upon a dirt path leading UP HILL. “No way” I said – too steep and too loose. But then we tried it, and our bikes (with battery assist, of course), let us fly up the hill. We landed on a hydro right of way. Imagine more hills, rocks, ruts as it went up and down across the mountainside. Our bikes were perfect for this: wider tires, front shocks and of course battery assistance. We had a blast. We followed the trail, and then followed some logging roads up and down through the forest with the towering fir trees, along some babbling streams on the mountain behind Ladysmith. At the point where we could not read Google Maps because there was no cell service, we turned around. It was so much fun and such a change from what we usually do. It confirmed that we made the right choice for our bikes and that we will have many happy days of exploring and adventure.

The forecasted rain never materialized so we enjoyed a post-ride lunch on the deck in our new patio furniture! Then we got back to work. The evening saw some dark clouds start to move in from the west, that layered with the white fluffy clouds over the mountains on the mainland but it never amounted to anything. We just enjoyed the scenery during dinner!

2 thoughts on “LOVE our e-bikes

  1. Hi Anita and Bill.

    Loving your comments, photos and enthusiasm!

    What is the make of your E bikes? Doing the research, thinking about buying one.


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