Welcome to Ladysmith

We discovered we have the nicest neighbors! While we were hard at work emptying endless boxes and trying to make order of the chaos, our doorbell rang. Greeting us were two neighbors who introduced ourselves and treated us to the famous buns from the Old Town Bakery. This is a famous bakery here in town and we have enjoyed treats and bread a couple times in the short time we have been here. Judging by the lines, they seem to be coping quite well in the times of Covid-19.

No calories!

Gloria and Dave hail from Ontario as well and moved here not quite a year ago. We had a nice chat by the door, at a socially acceptable distance. We wish we could have invited them in! That will have to wait for another day. Apparently there is usually a wine and cheese to welcome new arrivals but it has been put on hold of course for now.

I write this by the setting sun, watching the sky turn shades of soft pink and purple. Another perfect evening as we relax after a hard day of work. Life is good!

Looking out my window. It does not get old!

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