Pinch me, is this real?

We’ve been on the island for only a few days and it doesn’t take much to start loving the life here. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, awesome house. We feel so fortunate that we can experience this type of living.

First, the views from our house are AMAZING, better than we expected and remembered from back in February when we saw the house.

Inside or outside, we are still pinching ourselves we get to see this everyday:

We also discovered that our deck faces north, instead of east as we thought So we can enjoy sunrises (if one is up early enough) and sunsets. That was an unexpected bonus!

We have also picked up our e-bikes and have started to enjoy a brand new way of travel. Ladysmith is the San Francisco of Vancouver Island so just getting up to our house requires climbing a STEEP hill and getting around town, or anywhere on the island is hilly. We are no longer afraid of any hill. These bikes take us anywhere! The scenery is so different than Ottawa. Instead of farm fields around Stittsville, we see trees, ocean, eagles, hills, farms, flowers. Of course it’s all still new but we are loving the lifestyle and settling in quickly.

7 thoughts on “Pinch me, is this real?

  1. GORGEOUS!!! I’m so insanely happy for you (and more than a smidge jealous)! Your home and views are amazing! I feel like I’m over exclamationing 😂

    Congratulations, you’ve earned it! ♥️


  2. You both can look forward to many new adventures. So happy for you both. You will never get tired of that beautiful view.
    Looking forward to reading your blog and keeping up with the Stewarts.


  3. Your photos Anita are just glorious, especially the ones of the sunrise and sunset. I think you and Bill have bought the ” perfect” spot! Both Ernie and I have been wondering how you have been doing, and how the move went. The blog is a great idea.


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