Leaving Ottawa

Monday May 25:

Starting early in the morning we watched the amazing crew of four unload the house. We watched; they worked non-stop, performing what looked like heroic feats of strength as they carried multiple boxes on their backs, up or down stairs and outside. Our backs ached in sympathy. Our household treasures were packed into containers in a master game of Tetris.  They were done by 2:30 pm and then the kayaks wrapped up individually and placed on another truck (too long for the containers). 

So we said good-bye to Quarter Horse Street,

On Tuesday we said good-bye to our car. It went to Montreal to be loaded on the train; not sure when we will see it in BC.

We said good-bye to Eric over a pizza lunch (nothing like leaving your children behind) on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we headed to the airport to see what travel in the age of Covid-19 is like. It was very relaxed. Hardly anyone in the airports, fewer people on the plane, less activity on the plane since there was no food service. Even though we had to take 3 flights, it was a good, if surreal, day.

We waited in the airport, and liked it better without masks, but we kept them on all day. Ludwig Loon travelled with us. He was to accompany us on our car trip across the country, as a memento of Ontario, but he travelled well in the plane too.

Moist eyes as we flew over Ottawa on the takeoff. We were lucky enough to see our old Parkhaven house on the ascent (see yellow circle).

Toronto Airport was VERY quiet,

And we landed in Vancouver, one leg to go.

Excitement mounted as we took the short flight from Vancouver to Nanaimo, seeing the islands and the water.

And we arrived at Farrell Road. Beautiful weather, views. The house was better than we remembered. Spit Spot clean, phenomenal views and ready for the Stewarts to move in. Ludwig liked it too.

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